A suitcase thief got caught out at Alicante-Elche airport after parking his car badly and showing a fake driving licence to suspicious police officers.

The man, 60, stole the luggage, including a backpack, from some tourists and put the items in the car.

His catalogue of woe started in the airport car park with Elche police writing out a ticket over the way he had parked his car.

The owner appeared and was asked for his ID papers, which he said he did not have.

He was then warned that he could not drive away and that his vehicle would be removed by the municipal towing company.

The man suddenly produced a driving licence.

The police officers radioed for help to verify the authenticity of the licence, which turned out to be bogus, while continuing to process the bad parking ticket.

They looked inside the car and found some suitcases.

At that point, the man sneaked off with a stolen backpack and he kicked underneath a coach.

The coach driver saw what happened and notified the police who opened up the bag and found a laptop inside.

Literally at the same time, a group of tourists filed a complaint at the airport police station over stolen suitcases and a backpack, which matched the description of what the man had taken.

The runaway thief was located standing in the coach area and arrested.

He’s been charged with forgery and theft.


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