A Pinoso couple have landed in hot water after lying to the Guardia Civil over a stolen car in order to get an insurance pay-out.

The man, 54, and woman, 53, went along to the Guardia barracks in Pinoso and concocted a yarn that their 36-year-old son was the culprit.

It was all a ruse to collect insurance money after securing a logged crime complaint to show to their insurance company.

Recovered Car

Officers smelt a rat as they heard the couple’s complaint and they decided to investigate the alleged crime.

They discovered the couple actually sold the car to a vehicle scrapyard and looked to cash in by pinning a bogus crime on their son.

The couple have been charged with fraud and reporting a fake crime.

The car in question has been removed from the scrapyard as the key piece of evidence in the case against them.

The man and woman face prison sentences of up to a year over the bogus crime report.


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