NEW painted signs are appearing by Valencia City pedestrian crossings to help people with autism cross the road safely.

A pilot project has been launched in the La Torre district of the city.

It involves painting a series of pictograms on crossing entrances.

The high-visibility floor signs are intended to help people logically work out the correct sequence to cross safely to the other side of the road.

44 crossings have been chosen in La Torre which go over roads that lead to the area’s occupational centre for people with ASD.

The signs consist of a sequence of four pictograms in blue- a colour representing autism- which are located on the first strip of each side of the pedestrian crossing.

The images display movements to follow before going to the other side.

Wording includes ‘Stop, look, traffic light, cross’, for crossing with traffic lights, and ‘Stop, look, car parked, cross’, if there are no lights.

Valencia’s Sustainable Mobility councillor, Giuseppe Grezzi, said: “Initiatives like this are important in promoting the mobility and social inclusion of people with functional diversity like in road safety.”

“This project will help in the understanding of road rules and improves the independence and safety of people with autism,” he added.


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