By Livia Cockerell

A shortage of wheat is driving up the price of bread and biscuits in Spain. 

Estimates from ASAJA show that, on average, Spain requires approximately 36 million tonnes of grain each year to meet the demands of animal and human consumption.

Farmers Harvest Barley And Wheat In Tunisia
The wheat harvest. Photo: Cordon Press.

This year, the country will be fortunate to produce 15.4 million tonnes. Exceptionally high May temperatures, in addition to damage caused by pests, has left farmers in Spain concerned about the shortage of crops that will be yielded this winter.

Ordinarily, Spain imports much of its wheat and similar grain-crops from Kiev. However, the availability of this has been impeded due to the war in Ukraine.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the European Parliament that around 20 million tonnes of grain is currently unable to be exported from Ukraine.

This is following the blockages of ports preventing exports, as well as the bombings of several grain warehouses.


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