Gray is a dull, soft color to most people. That is why this neutral color is used frequently in decoration, but in combination with other colors. In this article, we want to present different ideas of combining two colors, white and gray, in bathroom decoration. Sometimes you can combine other tiles with neutral colors, such as white tiles, with grey floor tiles because white can with its brightness balances the gray color. Light gray colors have more power to match the space and other colors.

As you know, neutral colors are compatible, so we have no problem using other colors. Therefore, we will not have any problem entering the second color, and we can safely enter the third color into the decoration cycle. On the other hand, you work with the minimum requirements and criteria for bedding. It can be used freely in almost all neutral colors. Because these styles overwhelm other colors. For example, use a light gray color for the bathroom flooring and a light white color for the walls.


Where Is The Best Place To Use Gray Floor Tile?

You can use gray floor tiles in different patterns for any location like home, office, hotel, mall and hospital. But we think the best place to use this color of the tile is in offices. Offices are one the most crowded places that need to seem clear and they should have a color that attracts no attention so gray is more suitable than some colors like purple that distract clients and besides that, the material which uses in offices is important too because they must be easy to clean, durable and cost less money for the company.

Also, this color of tile can be used to add texture and depth to your spaces, you can use both light and dark gray in your areas and make an eye-catching view for your space that has not much money and its worth.

There are 2 rules that you should keep in mind when using gray tile flooring your home or office:

  1. Do not forget to add warm color to your gray spaces.
  2. Do not use dark shades of gray in spaces because they do not reflect much light.

Palette Of Sizes

The size of your tile is up to you and what looks best in your space. There is no standard size for tiles so you can use a variety of sizes in your place from small to large format, without any limitation.

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