A robber tried to escape the clutches of the police by running across rooftops in a town next to Alicante-Elche airport.

The 24-year-old man was eventually arrested by the Policia Nacional in an apartment block stairwell in El Altet.

Police got a call from a resident who spotted a man on his security camera system inside his home stealing property.

Officers formed a cordon around the area to prevent the thief escaping.

The man’s only exit was across building roofs as police chased him in scenes reminiscent to a movie.

That option proved to be fruitless and he tried to hide in a communal staircase before he was apprehended.

Stolen items found on him included jewellery and a mobile phone plus devices used to open front doors.

The thief also had a car key on him and officers checked nearby streets to locate his vehicle.

A search of the car uncovered stolen items from another robbery including a woman’s bag containing jewellery.


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