A 25-year-old British man was killed on Thursday after plummeting from the notorious ‘Devil’s Pass’ mountain in Spain’s Basque Country.

The Brit, who has not been formally named, was attempting to reach the peak of Anboto when he was caught in a storm.

He and a friend had set out from the nearby town of Eibar for the peak but had become separated during the course of the ascent.

His friend turned back and raised the alarm and the mountain search unit of the Ertzaintza Basque police force launched a rescue mission and searched all night

The body was spotted below the Paso Del Diablo, or Devil’s Pass, on Friday morning by a helicopter search team.

“In the rain, the limestone becomes very slippery. And if you lose your way you can get into very dangerous places,” said a member of the rescue team.

Anboto with its peak of 1,331 m (4,367 ft) is the highest peak of the Urkiola range in the Western Basque Country.

Local media reported that at least ten people had lost their lives after falling from that same mountain pass in just a decade.


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