A US fugitive with an international arrest warrant (IAW) has been arrested by Policia Nacional.

The National Police have arrested a 50-year-old woman in Monda (Malaga) with an IAW issued by the United States authorities in connection with fraud and forgery involving more than half a million dollars.

The arrest took place at midday on Friday, June 17, on the A-355, in the section that passes through the town of Monda.

The suspect, who was driving a car at the time, was identified by police officers and pulled over.

The authorities then verified that the woman had an international arrest warrant issued against her and was a fugitive wanted by the United States judicial authorities.

According to the warrant, the fugitive had committed fraud and financial crimes of more than half a million dollars and could face 30 years imprisonment as stipulated by the US legal system for such a crime.

While she was in police custody, the detainee’s partner, a 67-year-old man, with two outstanding charges for drug trafficking and false documentation, was also arrested.

Both individuals have been placed at the disposal of the Examining Magistrate’s Court on duty in Malaga.


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