SPANISH trade unions CC.OO and UGT on Wednesday July 6 are planning massive demonstrations in the autumn at the headquarters of employers associations across Spain to demand pay rises in the wake of soaring living costs.

The news follows a breakdown in talks between the trade unions and the employers association in May.

The unions are pushing for a pay rise of 3.5% for this year, 2.4% for 2023 and 2% for 2024.

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Trade Unions mobilise across Spain demanding pay rises for workers. Image UGT

The head of CC.OO, Unai Sordo, has predicted increased tension after the summer if CEOE, which is the employer association, refuses to come to an agreement.

Inflation in Spain stood at over 10% this year and has effectively meant a pay cut in real terms for millions of public sector workers.

The rate is the highest level since 1985.

According to a report from Cetelem Observatory, which analyses the impact of rising prices on household consumption, 75% of Spaniards have cut back on day-to-day purchases.


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