A BRITISH man, 20, was arrested after smashing his car at 3am into a cafe on Torre del Mar’s seafront.

Local police arrested the man, with initials J.T.H.R, after he tried to flee the scene on foot.

When police officers gave him a breathalyzer test, he gave a positive result of 0.54 – twice over the legal limit.

At the time of the crash, most surrounding businesses were closed but some workers were cleaning up the cafe when they heard a loud noise.

According to the owner of the bar, the car involved in the crash was racing with another car at speeds of up to 100km/h.

Two people involved in the crash were injured, with a 23-year-old passenger taken to the Comarcal de la Axarquía hospital in Malaga.

The mother of one of the employees of the cafe was also hurt when chairs and tables collapsed on her as a result of the impact.

The bar opened its doors on Wednesday, but the terrace area has been closed off, such is the damage.


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