PASSENGERS of a bus that was driving through the A7 of Aranjuez on Tuesday July 5 were aghast as they suddenly drove head on into a huge fire that had ignited next to the motorway. 

In a video posted on Tik Tok, passengers panic as they drive directly next to the fire, with one shouting “don’t stop, don’t stop” to the bus driver.


Un autobús lleno de gente se mete en una carretera donde hay un incendio forestal en Aranjuez. JAMÁS, JAMÁS HAGÁIS ESTO. #BomberosForestales #IncendiosForestales #WildlandFirefighter #Fire #incendio #Autobus #fyp #parati

? sonido original – Bombero Forestal

Meanwhile, some have complained that police did not block off the motorway that was affected by the flames sooner.

Currently, the fire is still burning through terrain in the area but is expected to die down later today (July 6).

Spanish authorities are concerned as the fire is close to homes and businesses with the fire brigade asking neighbours not to open windows during the early hours of the morning so as to not let in smoke.

The constantly changing wind direction is making it difficult for the fire brigade to extinguish the fire. 

There is currently no official data released on the size of the area that the fire has burnt through.

Forest fires are sadly becoming a more frequent occurrence, with the European Environment Agency stating that rising global temperatures are increasing the likelihood of forest fires.


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