THE Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition has recalled a large batch of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream over concerns their packaging contains a harmful gas.

The body said in a statement on Monday, July 11, they had been alerted by French health authorities that some batches of the brand’s 460 ml vanilla may have been contaminated with the gas and are not fit for consumption.

The origin of the contamination is thought to have come from a vanilla extraction plant in Madagascar. 

Haagen Das Snip
The ice cream is one of the best selling brands in Europe.
Photo: Wikipedia.

The gas – called Ethylene oxide – is commonly used in industrial disinfectants and the sterilization of medical equipment. 

It is also highly flammable and extremely explosive – though not the trace amounts that have affected some of the ice cream tubs.

The agency said that only a miniscule amount of batches had been impacted but that any ice cream from batches 4146758, 4156565, 4157457, 4163546, 4169920, 4172653, 4167054, 4222694, 4240220, 4246885, 4284604 and 4287990 should be avoided.

The agency said that only a miniscule amount of batches had been impacted.

“With the information available there is no record in Spain of any reported case associated with this alert. People who have products affected by this alert at home are recommended to refrain from consuming them and return them to the point of purchase,” they said.


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