A CAMPAIGN by the Spanish government to promote body positivity on the beach has sparked new criticism after a British model recognised herself as one of the protagonists without having been asked permission

A poster released this week by the Equality Ministry showing five women of varying body shapes with the slogan ‘Summer is ours too’ has  been mired in controversy with accusations that is ‘patronising’.

But now it has emerged that the artist ArtMapuche commissioned to design the image used real people in the artwork without their permission.

Nyome Nicholas complained that the image of the black woman in a yellow bikini was clearly recognisable as her and was a copy of a photo she posted on Instagram.

“So I’ve just been sent this…my image is being used by the Spanish government in a campaign but they’ve not used to ask my image or likeness! Great idea but poor execution! Ask to use my image,” wrote Nyome on her Instagram account.

A spokesperson from Ministerio de Igualdad told the Olive Press “We are aware of the issue that has caused using the image of one model, we hired another company to make the campaign. We are currently working to solve the problem.”

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Outrage after curvy British model included in Spain’s body positive beach campaign without permission. Image from  Ministry of Equality and Nyome Nicholas/ Instagram

The artist took to Twitter to explain that she was inspired by the real life models Nyome Nicholas and a Brazilian model Raissa Galvão when designing the artwork and apologised for not seeking their permission in advance.

She said she was working to resolve the issue and would offer them a share of the €4,495 she was paid for the commission.

 The campaign has sparked debate over whether it patronises or empowers women. While some argue that it overlooks real issues such as the cost of living crisis.

Some people have said the campaign should have been broadened out to include men without so-called standard bodies.


Spain launches body positive campaign encouraging all women to enjoy the beach

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