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Spain announces extended holiday leave for working parents to spend more time with their children

Spain's government has announced details of a wide-ranging family bill which will allow working parents more time off to spend with their children. The package...

Gandia in Spain’s Valencia to become Europe’s first energy self-sufficient port

GANDIA will be home to Europe's first energy-sufficient port once a new solar energy plant is built. Electromur has been given a €1.7 million contract...

Spain’s National Police force scraps minimum-height requirement in bid to attract more women

A lack of height will no longer be an obstacle to budding recruits for Spain’s National Police force.  In a bid to attract more women...

Bus companies fear impact from Spain’s free train ticket scheme

BUS companies in Andalucia believe that the free train ticket scheme announced by the Spanish government will have a hugely negative impact on their...

Spain won’t send Leopard tanks to Ukraine due to their ‘pitiful state’

AN offer to send Spanish tanks to Ukraine has been withdrawn because they're not up to the job and would cost too much to...

Outrage after curvy British model included in Spain’s body positive beach campaign without permission

A CAMPAIGN by the Spanish government to promote body positivity on the beach has sparked new criticism after a British model recognised herself as...

Endesa power company to invest €31 billion until 2030 on green energy in Spain and Portugal

ENDESA has announced a €31 billion investment in 'green' energy production in Spain and Portugal through to 2030. The news comes as Endesa and other...

COVID-19: We don’t all support the Spanish Government and don’t dare tell me ‘if you’re not happy go home’,...

I WAS surprised to read in an Spanish newspaper last week that Brits in Spain support the measures taken by President Sanchez regarding the ...

How the Catalan Election and Financial Market Volatility are Tied Together

Catalonia’s separatist president, Quim Torra, has announced that he’ll call an early regional election as relations continue to deteriorate between the two pro-independence parties...

Spain to halt sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia amid fears of their use in Yemen conflict

The process of cancelling a contract signed between Mariano Rajoy’s former government and the Arab state in 2015 is currently underway

Fears for tourism sector as Spain receives almost a million less holidaymakers than predicted

There was a 2.2% decrease in tourists from January to June and a 3.1% drop in overnight stays

COUNTDOWN IS ON: More victims of painkiller Nolotil come forward ahead of Spain probe

It comes weeks before a health campaigner is set to take her findings to a meeting with Spain’s top medication governing body in Madrid next month

Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez promises to exhume the remains of General Franco

The controversial site has faced huge criticism for being the only remaining monument dedicated to a fascist leader in Europe

Madrid ends direct rule over Catalunya after new government is sworn in

It comes after the region's autonomy was suspended for seven months following the pro-independence referendum

CUTE ALERT: First look at newborn endangered Iberian Lynx cubs in Andalucia

The cute cubs, which are the world’s most endangered feline species, have passed their first health check-up at Jerez Zoo

President of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, renounces masters qualification and apologizes to university in Spain

The Conservative politician claims she has not done anything illegal but blames the university for 'administrative irregularities'

Spain to stand with UK and expel two Russian diplomats over Salisbury attack

The Spanish government has joined more than 20 countries which have expelled over 100 diplomats

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Thousands protest in Malaga demanding dignified pension payouts in Spain

Unions and action groups called on retirees to put pressure on the Spanish government to increase state pension payouts

Spain’s government agrees to whale corridor to protect species’ migratory route

Stretching from the Balearics to the eastern coastlines of Catalunya and Valencia, the 45,000 square kilometre corridor will become a protected area allowing fin whale to migrant to their north Mediterranean feeding grounds in peace.

European Commission slam Spain for not doing enough for electric car renewal

In a new report criticising Spain’s efforts to go green, the Commission says not enough resources are being allocated for long-term plans to encourage car manufacturers to meet goals set by the EU.

Rafael Nadal hits out at Catalunya referendum saying Spain is ‘stronger together’

Nadal issued a stern warning to Catalonia as the tennis legend attacked plans to hold a banned referendum on Catalan independence from Spain.

Protest in Malaga over Greenpeace ship seizure

Hundreds of people are set to protest in Malage over the seizure of Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise

Spanish Congress votes to protect bullfighting

International animal welfare groups condemn decision

Critics hail latest Spanish labour reform measures ‘timid’

Latest reforms will see the choice of labour contracts available reduced from 41 to five

Reef row dubbed political stunt by creator

No complaints about the reef since its formation in 1973

€40,000 in taxes and fees for Spanish flat owner

A homeowner has been saddled with a huge tax bill just for changing the ownership of his Spanish property





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