A British father of two died after he was allegedly beat up by bouncers outside a Magaluf club and then ‘knelt on by  police officers as he begged for his life’.

Tobias White-Sansom, 35, died in hospital in Spain’s Mallorca five days after a violent incident outside the Boomerang club on July 26.

His brother Maximillian White, who made a fortune out of medical marijuana and has a holiday home on the island, claims Tobias was beaten by bouncers in an assault that lasted 12 minutes and then when police arrived he was restrained while he begged for his life.

While has hired lawyers to interview witnesses at the club said people had gathered round and were screaming at police: ‘You’re going to kill him’. 

He told the Mirror that Tobias went into cardiac arrest and that he was given a tranquiliser, and alleges that police turned on onlookers before ordering them to ‘disperse while breaking their telephones.’

He was taken to hospital and placed under police guard but died on Sunday. 

The family are petitioning to repatriate the body to carry out their own independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

A Guardia Civil spokesperson claimed: “Officers responded to an incident at a nightclub in Magaluf in the early hours of last Tuesday after a client allegedly head-butted a bouncer after he asked him to put his top on.”

‘That client, a well-built British man, was still acting very aggressively when officers arrived and he had to be restrained using appropriate force by four or five responders for his own safety and that of others around him.”


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