VALENCIA is bidding to win the 2022 European Capital of Innovation award.

A formal application for the iCapital Awards has been co-ordinated and submitted by Valencia City Council.

The winning city will get a €1 million prize.

The European Union award recognises the contribution of cities to the development of local innovation ecosystems, for the benefit of revolutionary innovation and the well-being of people.

The iCapital Awards awards aim to support inspiring good practices of innovation, which are being implemented by European cities.

The awards recognise cities that drive innovation by all means and are not afraid to try new things in pushing the boundaries of the boundaries of technology to benefit residents.

Valencia’s Innovation and Knowledge Management councillor, Carlos Galiana, said: “Across Spain and Europe, Valencia is very well regarded over its creativity and talent, and the ability that the city and its entire innovative ecosystem has shown to work together on innovation.”

Valencia was a finalist for the award in 2020 where it received a €100,000 prize for its ‘Valencia 2030 Climate Mission’ project.


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