A 43-year old tourist has been arrested by police in Malaga after installing motion-detector cameras to record people urinating in side streets during the city’s fair.

The man was scheduled to fly back to an undisclosed Asian country this week but has been charged instead with crimes against privacy and sexual freedom.

A lot of the footage involved children and police found child pornography on an array of equipment that he had with him.

The man was based in a city centre holiday rental apartment on Calle Pozos Dulces.

Apartment Search

Police caught him red-handed on Monday at around 2.15 am behaving suspiciously in the fairground area on Calle de la Bondola.

They spotted him bending up and down, and looking to see if anybody was watching him.

He then quickly put away an object which was a camera.

Officers found five motion detector cameras in the vicinity and questioned the man who admitted they belonged to him.

They looked inside his backpack and discovered two phones, a camera, a torch, an MP4 player, five USB pen drives, and 49 memory cards.

A search of his apartment uncovered a further vast array of electronic equipment.

Gear Galore

There was also a camera on his balcony pointing towards an alley used by younger people and children as a urinating area.

The alley was searched and three more cameras were found including one hidden in a wall at ground level.

Police also checked out another rental apartment used by the man in the fairground area.


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