FIREFIGHTERS say the Vall d’Ebo fire in Alicante Province has been brought under control on Friday- six days after it started.

12,150 hectares have been burned in a fire perimeter area of 100 kilometres.

It has been the biggest blaze seen in Alicante Province for over a decade.

There have been several flare-ups in the last two days but those problems have been successfully dealt with.

The blaze perimeter has not extended since Wednesday and most of the 1,500 or so evacuated residents have returned to their homes.

120 firefighters using 35 vehicles are still working in the Vall d’Ebo area backed up by aircraft support.

A key aspect is surveillance from both ground and air to ensure no new outbreaks in the perimeter zone.

Work is also being done to cool down the entire perimeter by pouring water onto and digging up soil to create barriers between areas of vegetation that could catch fire and quickly spread.


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