MORE than a thousand 1-liter beer bottles have been collected this weekend by environmental activists in a natural space in Gerena, Sevilla.

The discarded bottles, almost all of the same brand, were collected by several people, led by environmental activist and teacher, Enrique Herrero, known as ‘Quique bolsitas’, (Quique bags)—a nickname given for his active role collecting rubbish, specifically plastic, littering the Spanish countryside and beaches.

Herrero began his fight against the plastic waste several years ago and has since collected plastic waste all over Spain with the aim of raising awareness to the consequences of climate change and plastic pollution in the environment.

In the case of these bottles, all of which are believed to have been dumped in the area this summer by lazy and irresponsible litterers, would contaminate the area for over 4000 years, the time taken for glass to decompose, had they not been collected.

Not only that, alcohol bottles, carelessly tossed or dangerously smashed on beaches or in the countryside leave shards of glass litter making it unsafe for people and animals to walk or swim.

“This is the legacy that we are going to leave to those who come after us”. Herrero poignantly stated.


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