‘CONSTANT and unrelenting’ work to secure an EU treaty for Gibraltar between the UK, EU and Spain has continued throughout the summer months, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said.

Picardo was in Cordoba last week with Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia to continue the meetings which he indicated would not reach a be ending any time soon.

The meetings followed on from the New Year’s Eve agreement between the European Union, Spain and the United Kingdom.

It laid a roadmap for talks which have now gone on for a year and eight months, interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The work is constant and unrelenting and occurs daily by telephone, email, WhatsApp, video conferences and in person meetings,” Picardo said in a statement.

“It has not abated through the summer months as we try to finalize matters as soon as possible.

“Work on the proposed treaty therefore continues, with more formal rounds to be announced shortly starting in September, and as soon as we are able to announce areas of progress or agreement, we will do so,” he added.

The Gibraltar Government clarification of the meetings in Cordoba followed an article that appeared on a Spanish news site.

It carried a photograph of Picardo and his aides saying that they had had ‘unknown meetings’ in the Andalucian city.


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