The president of Spain’s Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, has been accused by his uncle of using funds from the organisation to pay for private parties at which orgies took place. The claims were made voluntarily to Spain’s corruption prosecutor by Rubiales’ uncle, Juan Rubiales, who was also a former colleague. 

According to Rubiales’ uncle, Federation credit cards were used to pay for a party in early 2020 at which young women were present in a rented house in Salobreña, Granada. The statement, to which Spanish daily El Mundo has had access, said that the official purpose of the spending was for “working days, but they were no such thing”. 

Rubiales went on to say that “the former footballer and the president’s friend, Nené, invited a group of eight to 10 young girls” to the house. There is no suggestion that the women were prostitutes, but rather had been picked up at local nightclubs, El País reported. Nor is there any evidence that they were obliged to have sexual relations with the men present. 

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President of Spain’s Football Federation accused of using official funds to pay for orgies. Image Cordon Press

Juan Rubiales also told the prosecutor that in August 2020 his nephew suggested that he had to “find a way to get money to his father” from the Federation. The uncle explained that he rejected the proposal, which was when his nephew told him “to leave and that he didn’t want to see me again”. 

Another accusation against the Federation president involved the hiring of a private detective agency to follow the footsteps of David Aganzo, the president of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE). The cost of the operation was charged to a company belonging to a lawyer, which in turn billed the Federation.

In response to the claims, the Football Federation responded on Thursday saying that they were completely false. 

Juan Rubiales is currently bringing legal action against the Federation for workplace harassment, while he is being countersued for illegally obtaining information and breach of confidence. 

The claims relating to the orgies had a somewhat unexpected effect on social media. In Spain today, the word “Brazzers” was trending on Twitter, in reference to the Canadian pornographic video production company. This was because people were commenting on Luis Rubiales’ resemblance to one of its star male actors, Johnny Sins.


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