A man has been arrested for hitting his wife on the head with a saucepan at their home in the Son Gotleu area of Palma.

The victim, 48, suffered significant injuries and required seven suture staples as a result of the attack.

The assault, which happened on Saturday night, was only stopped when the couple’s two children intervened, though their father tried to push them out of the way.

He was detained on Tuesday after his wife filed a complaint with the Policia Nacional.

While she was making her statement she received a call from her sister saying that the aggressor’s family had told her that ‘they had weapons and would do what they had to do’.

The argument broke out on Saturday after the wife ticked off her partner for spending money playing slot machines.

He resorted to violence, leaving the woman unconscious on the bathroom floor and dragging by her hair to the couple’s bedroom.

In a Via Germany court appearance, the husband claimed his wife had been drinking and had got into an altercation with some waitresses at a bar.

It was revealed that he had served time in jail after stabbing his cousin in the neck.

He was granted bail but with a restraining order to keep him away from his wife and two young daughters.

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