I FEELthat it is appropriate to speak about Queen Elizabeth instead of insurance this month.

I have been overwhelmed by the reaction of people in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. 

As we know the Queen loved Balmoral, where she has spent many happy days growing up and having her family there, with no press around to disturb the joy. It was so appropriate that her last request was to go to Balmoral.

I believe the Queen knew she didn’t have much time left and she wanted to die in one of her favourite places. How proud and sad the Scots were and they gave her a very dignified and loving goodbye.

Then she was returned to London and I think the Royal Air Force handled her return with great respect and dignity. It was the start of the enormous part the Services played in her funeral.

On the day of the funeral, everything was extraordinary and beautiful. The organisation and planning behind it all was very professional and sensitive. From family and friends, dignitaries and politicians and both the British and worldwide public, everyone was able to say goodbye to such a wonderful Queen, who had been part of our lives for so long.

I have nothing but admiration for King Charles. He managed to do his duty and what was expected of him, although his grief was etched on his face and with Camilla by his side he was able to carry out all the duties expected of him.

His sister, Princess Anne was just amazing – she never left her mothers’ side, wherever the Queen went, she was there. 

I wonder if the Queen realised how much she was loved by both her family and by so many millions of people throughout the world. The British people pulled together in their grief to give the Queen the send-off she deserved and also to welcome the new King and the beginning of another era.

I personally feel that King Charles, who has been preparing for years, will make an excellent King and gives us hope for the future.

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