A WOMAN has been detained in Alicante for suspected murder.

An international arrest warrant had been issued for the 40-year-old Russian by authorities in her home country and she is facing up to 15 years in prison for burning a victim to death.

Working with the Judiciary Police and Team of Fugitives and Organised Crime, Alicante’s police force received information from Interpol about her possible whereabouts in Alicante.

The crime took place in 2015 in a small town near Moscow. According to the arrest warrant, the woman was travelling in a car with another woman when they started arguing.

The accused then stopped the car, struck the victim over the head, then dragged her into woods, poured petrol over the woman and killed her by setting her on fire.

After many attempts to locate the Russian fugitive, they pinpointed her whereabouts to an apartment complex in Alicante. She was arrested  on charges of murder and evading authorities.

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