TEN Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) officers recently took part in a ‘gruelling’ heavy weapons training course at sea, the UK Ministry of Defence said.

GDP firearms instructors imparted the course over a week after being trained at Portsmouth by Ministry of Defence Police.

The course was ‘intense and physically demanding’ according to the MoD statement.

All ten officers passed the course and are now fully qualified in Waterborne Firearms Tactics.

“The tactics are broken down into four modules: the use of waterborne craft as transportation while armed, dealing with subjects onboard vessels, escorting vessels whilst armed and landing techniques,” the MoD said.

“The officers underwent a thorough assessment where they had to demonstrate their ability to perform the tactics correctly under exam conditions,” the MoD added.

Separately, Gibraltar Defence Police officers took a two-week emergency response driver training course held by a UK expert.

Customs officers joined the course that the Gibraltar Government said would ‘will enable both services to carry out their own in house Emergency Response Driving Training in the future’.

“We look forward to carrying out further joint training initiatives with our law enforcement partners in the Gibraltar Defence Police,” said the government in a statement.


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