AGENTS on three police cars who gave chase to a suspicious vehicle arrested a man with 8.6 kilos of hashish in the Spanish port city of Algeciras.

The arrest, which included a 300m scamper through a forest, came after Policia Nacional officers started Operation Pisa on October 10 in the Saladillo and Pinera neighbourhoods.

Police officers from the local brigade of citizen security of the Algeciras central police station first spotted two vehicles acting suspiciously on Paso Victoria Eugenia.

Officers then moved in to challenge the drivers of the vehicles.

As soon as the suspects saw the police come close, they ‘recklessly and hastily’ sped off, a police statement said.

The police gave chase, with up to three cars trying to corner the suspect around the neighbourhood.

Finally, the fleeing man arrived at a vacant lot in the Juliana area where he dumped his car and tried to get rid of the four bales of cannabis resin.

He continued on foot through a dense wooded area until finally agents caught up with him after he crossed a road and tried to hide.

Police arrested the man and an Algeciras court put him behind bars until his trial.

The police chase and arrest followed a string of violent shootouts between gangs vying for control of these impoverished communities.


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