A brazen youth wielding a large metal bollard has swung it into crowds as dozens of teenagers brawled on the streets of Alicante. 

The disturbing footage sent to the Olive Press showed about 30 young people clashing outside Hotel Gran Sol in the centre of Alicante about 5.45am on Sunday, October 30.

A tourist filmed the violence from the upper floors of the hotel after he was awakened by screaming and ‘something that sounded like a window smash’. 

Shocking footage showed about 30 youths fighting in Alicante.

The video shows a mass brawl break out as a male youth wearing a red cap and chicago bulls hoodie runs to the gutter of the street to pick up a metal bollard. 

He then runs over to the crowd and swings it into the huddle as a boy is kicked to the ground beside him. 

The brawl intensifies as fists are thrown, and one punch sends a boy straight to the ground facedown. 

Two girls can also be seen pulling each other’s hair and throwing punches on the side of the main huddle. 

Swedish tourist William Prado who filmed the terrifying fight said he was shocked to see one youth swing a ‘huge metal pipe’ into the crowd. 

“After about 20 minutes the gang split up and it went down from 30 people to about 11 but the police were waiting,” he told the Olive Press.

“Some people were going down to the Hotel Gran Sol – it seems to be the place where these people go to get their teeth punched out.

“Police then went inside and I saw one man bleeding in the face.”

A boy in a red cap wields a street bollard.

Four officers arrived after the brawl and can be requesting the IDs of two boys. 

The other people involved in the violence disappeared into neighbouring streets by this stage. 

Policica Nacional confirmed the incident to the Olive Press and said the fight between the youths started on Calle Mayor, before spilling out into nearby streets. 

The police said eight people were arrested; three adults and five under the age of 18. 

Two people were treated for head injuries.



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