SPAIN’S self-employed truckers have voted to begin an indefinite strike starting on midnight on Sunday, as the sector continues to struggle against high costs.

This will be the second stoppage after similar industrial action was taken in March of this year, which caused serious problems to Spain’s supply chain and even saw the dairy sector suspend activity given the distribution problems caused. 

The Platform in Defense of Transport is behind the two stoppages, and this time is blaming haulage companies for not respecting a law that prohibits working at a loss. 

The collective has also pointed the finger at the Transport Ministry for not ensuring that the law is applied. 

The legislation was agreed with the sector at the end of March, according to Spanish daily El Mundo, as well as a package of direct support to the value of €450 million. 

The transport minister, Raquel Sánchez, said that she was “concerned” about a possible stoppage in the haulage sector and called on the platform for “responsibility” when considering industrial action. In particular, she added, given the “complex current time”, in reference to the cost of living crisis caused in part by the war in Ukraine. 

Sánchez also said on Monday that the government is considering extending its 20-cents-a-litre subsidy on fuel beyond the current expiration date of December 31, and that a decision would be announced “in a matter of weeks”.

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