SPAIN will ask the European Union to change its 90-day rule which is restricting stays by UK residents with property in the country.

Post-Brexit, the UK had to fall in line with other non-EU countries where Brits can only stay for up to 90 days every 180 days in Schengen Zone countries like Spain.

That’s cut down British winter visitor numbers as homeowners opt to use their stay allowance during warmer times of the year.

It’s also reduced the potential for ‘digital nomads’ from the UK that Spain has been keen to attract.

The measure has also impacted on businesses in tourist areas, especially British-owned bars and restaurants who suffered from reduced footfall last winter.

Interviewed by i News, Tourism Secretary, Fernando Valdes said: ”It is in Spain’s interest to get rid of the rule but we cannot do so unilaterally.”

Fernando Valdes

Valdes admitted the 90-day limit had caused problems following Brexit with visitors wanting to stay longer.

He added that Spain will now ask the EU to make changes including a possible exemption for UK residents.

“It is in our interest to convince the EU that we can try to work out something but the solution must come from them,” said Valdes.

He also hinted that a UK-Spain deal- not requiring EU approval- could be struck to allow tourist sector workers to stay throughout the full summer season, as opposed to just 90 days.


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