POLICE are searching for a gang that stole iPhones worth €2 million from Telefonica’s main logistics centre in the Madrid area.

Just days later, a second phone heist- valued at €700,000- also occurred in the same region.

Prensa Iberica reports that the first robbery happened on October 25 at the headquarters of Zeleris, which is the telecom giant’s warehouse and logistics centre located on a Torrejon de Ardoz industrial estate.

The Policia Nacional said several men wearing balaclavas struck at the centre at around 2.00 am.

They made a hole to access the building and helped themselves to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 units which on average retail at around €1,500 each.

After bagging the loot, they drove away in four cars, with two of the vehicles later found abandoned by the police.

A source told Prensa Iberia that it was the second time the Zeleris centre had been robbed in two months, after only opening in September.

A few days after the Zeleris break-in, a second phone heist also happened in the Madrid area on a Fuenlabrada industrial estate.

The warehouse smartphone robbery netted units worth over €700,000.

Police have so far not officially linked the two crimes, but investigators believe the phones in both cases were destined for overseas black market sales.


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