POLICE found a man hiding in the closet of the Malaga house he was allegedly burgling after he triggered a home alarm.

Witnesses first alerted the authorities of the alarm being tripped at a house in the countryside town of Casarabonela whose owners were not in the area.

They informed the central command in Malaga that a man was inside the house stirring up a bit of a storm, the police said.

Guardia Civil agents from Coin soon arrived on the scene.

Officers saw the lights of the home were switched on and heard the alarm blaring.

They also saw one of the windows was broken and a large television set below it, one of the objects that had already been taken from the house.

As the Guardia Civil agents got closer to the window, they caught a glimpse of the alleged burglar who ran off into the back of the house.

They then searched the home and found the man hiding in a closet.

The officers duly arrested him and charged him with burglary.

Countryside homes are regularly the target of burglars who break in and steal their contents with shocking regularity, especially after the summer months.


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