A man has been jailed for 54 years on six counts of attempted murder after setting fire to an apartment in the Cabanyal district of Valencia in October 2020.

Valencia Provincial Court also ordered him to pay €715,000 in compensation to the six victims and banned him from living in Valencia for 10 years.

The unnamed man, 52, had vented his disapproval over his stepdaughter’s relationship with her boyfriend and took matters to an extreme level.

Hours before the night-time arson attack he phoned the apartment where she lived and threatened to burn it down but nobody believed him.

Having drunk a lot of alcohol, he went to the address after everybody had gone to bed.

Armed with gasoline bottles, he torched a car belonging to his stepdaughter’s boyfriend and then poured the liquid over the first-floor apartment door and set it alight.

The man also left a trail of gasoline down the stairs to the exit before reportedly fleeing the area on a skateboard.

The six occupants were trapped by the blaze and a ladder was used to rescue two of them who cried out for help from a balcony.

Four of the residents suffered burns of various degrees including a seven-year-old boy who had extensive burns all over his body and needed 13 skin graft operations.

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