A man who murdered his wife after lacing her glass of sangria with MDMA before drowning her in a jacuzzi in Menorca has been jailed for 25 years.

Throughout the trial Eduardo Enrique Estela pleaded his innocence, claiming the 2018 incident was accidental and that he and his wife had both deliberately wanted to get high by taking MDMA with sangria.

MDMA is the same drug as ecstasy, only in powder form.

Estela told Palma court he dozed off while relaxing in the jacuzzi of their home in Ciutadella and woke up to see his wife dead underwater. 

But the judge rejected his version and said the defendant ‘knew the effects of the substance’.

The defendant tried to argue the pair had deliberately wanted to get high.

The judge also told the court that at dawn, the woman began to feel the effects of the drug without Estela ‘adopting any measure to help her’.

An hour later, the woman fell to the ground hitting her head and Estela then dragged her body to the jacuzzi and put her head beneath the water, the court heard.

The Judge determined Estela did not notify health services and was therefore guilty of killing his wife ‘on purpose’ and without her being able to ‘defend herself from the attack’.

The judge also sentenced the man to compensate the victim’s parents with 150,000 euros. 

An appeal may be filed against the judgment within ten days.


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