THE galleries of the Russian Museum in Malaga once again displays Russian art, but this time without works on loan from the State Museum of St Petersburg, rather from British art collector Jenny Green.

Back in May, after seven years of alliance between Malaga City Council and the State Museum of St Petersburg, Malaga returned the Russian art collection back to Russia.

At the same time Malaga opened its doors and welcomed refugees fleeing Ukraine after Russian troops set foot in its neighbouring country, the city lost one of its main cultural jewels.

Now, thanks to the British art collector Jenny Green, a temporary Russian art exhibition will be on display in Malaga until June 5, 2023.

The private collection on display consists of 76 works by Russian artists dating between 1876 and 1980.

“With the exception of seven small works, the exhibition includes my entire collection” Green, who began collecting Russian art almost twenty years ago, said.

This is the first time that this private collection has been shown to the public and in Malaga, with pieces from great masters of art such as Venetsianov, Ivanov, Aivazovsky, Repìn, Serov, Bakst, Benois, Kandinsky, Serebriakova, Larionov, Goncharova and Essayan.


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