A fully-knitted Christmas tree has taken pride of place in an Alicante Province town square with not a pine needle in sight!

The five-metre tall tree was the idea of Catral’s La Replaseta neighbourhood association and now adorns the town’s Plaza de Santa.

Tree 1

Last year, a group of crochet stitchers from the group made seasonal displays that lined lampposts and they decided to go a dramatic step further this time round.

Work on the crocheted Christmas tree started in September and was finished on December 1.

600 balls of wool were used in the enterprise by 18 knitters who created 1,500 squares that were then combined into larger pieces.

Tree 3 Making

Those sections were then carried into the square and put together almost like a jigsaw to create an impressive final result.

Tree 2 Carrying

Presumably if the weather stays reasonably kind, the tree could make another appearance next year after some laundry work!


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