AN innovative ‘non-roundabout’ will be built in Alicante next year which will keep pedestrians and vehicles out of each other’s way.

It will be the first ‘non-roundabout’ in Spain and will be constructed in the Las Atalayas area of the city.

The €270,000 project will take five months to complete.

Alicante’s development councillor, Mari Carmen, said: “This is a new concept that prioritises pedestrians over vehicles and improves the look and sustainability of the Las Atalayas industrial area by introducing a 700 m2 landscaped space.”

An intermediate landscaped pedestrian area will be created with vehicles restricted to one lane on each side of it.

Vehicles can then turn into the street but people can walk through the crossroad area without the need to worry about cars or traffic lights.

The chance of accidents should be reduced as there are no overlap areas between vehicles and pedestrians.

The middle of the ‘non-roundabout’ will be a large green space including trees with sustainability in mind.

The concept is part of a host of improvements being made in Las Atalayas including digital notice boards, more parking spaces, and energy efficient street lighting.


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