POLICE shot a man in the leg as he allegedly tried to attack an officer with a large machete in Spain’s city of Malaga.

National Police officers, who rarely fire their side arms, had to use their standard issue Heckler and Kosch USP pistols to shoot the man as he wielded the blade.

Police were first called to the Cruz del Humilladero neighbourhood of Malaga city after someone reported that a man was threatening businesses in the area with the machete on Monday.

Policia Nacional agents raced to Calle Reboul where they located the 46-year-old suspect.

They immediately tried to reason with him to put down the machete but he refused to comply.

At one point, the man raised the machete to attack the agents.

One of them then fired his sidearm hitting the alleged assailant in the leg.

Emergency services then took the attacker to a Malaga city hospital where he is being treated under police guard.

The central provincial police station said he was doing well and medics did not fear for his life.


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