LA VENUS beach will get a new breakwater and imported sand as part of a 1.3 million improvement plan presented by Marbella council.

The city’s mayor Angeles Munoz said a private company will take on the project to build the Y-shaped breakwater and replenish the dwindling sand.

The central jetty will reach 50 metres out to sea with two side arms of 60 and 70 metres respectively.

Munoz said Venus beach was ‘a central beach frequented by many visitors and neighbours’.

But she added that ‘storm after storm has removed its sand’ and something needed to be done to preserve its image.

Before starting the work, she pointed out that Marbella council was going to need the approval of the central and regional governments.

Spain’s central government had earlier blocked work on the beach through its coastal budget to protect an endangered species of limpet that lived in the area.

But Munoz said that Marbella council had worked with marine biologist Jose Carlos Garcia and he had not found any of the ‘patella ferruginea’ in the area.

The council plan to bring in a total of 10,000 cubic meters of sand to give the beach a greater surface area.


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