SIERRA NEVADA now exceeds 30 skiable kilometres thanks to the opening of El Rio piste.

The opening of Sierra Nevada’s most emblematic slopes, El Río, now makes it possible to ski down the 1,100 metres that separate the upper station of the Zayas ski lift (near the Veleta peak) and the Pradollano development.

Until now, the connection between both points was made via the Al Ándalus and Borreguiles cable cars.

The opening of El Rio will also permit the Three Wise Men to ski down this piste on the evening of January 5.

The resort presently has 30 skiable kilometres and 34 pistes in four of the six sectors of Sierra Nevada.

Additionally, the new Alhambra chairlift, formerly called Veleta II, has gone into service.

The new lift is a detachable chairlift with 6 places (the previous one had 3), 9 pylons (compared to 19 pylons of the old Veleta II), reaches a speed of 5 metres/second, and has a capacity of 2,500 people/hour.

Its route is also shorter than that of Veleta II, as its lower station is 455 metres higher.

This modification aims to decongest the lower area of Borreguiles (with lifts of high transport capacity) and distribute users to the ‘green’ slopes of Perdiz, Amapola or Piñatas, which are suitable for beginners and less used than the beginners’ slopes located lower down.

It can also be used by expert skiers to reach the base of the Zayas chairlift or access the Laguna de las Yeguas via the Laguna pass.

The Alhambra chairlift is the second new chairlift to be inaugurated at the ski resort this winter.

The launch of the Emile Allais chairlift coincided with the opening of the 2022/23 winter campaign.


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