The family of missing Levi Davis fear the former X-Factor star was kidnapped off the streets of Barcelona by British gang members. 

Levi’s mother Julie said a private investigator probing the three-month case received an anonymous tip several days ago to say her son had got into a dispute with criminals two years ago while he was playing rugby for Ealing Trailfinders in 2020.

Levi was last seen outside the Old Irish Pub in Barcelona about 10.30pm on October 29 – a signal on his phone was last detected the next morning at Sants Estacio train station. 

Levi Davis
Levi Davis is still missing.

He also hasn’t used any of his bank cards. 

“We desperately need to know more because this could change the whole nature of the investigation,” she said. 

“The anonymous tip was given to private investigators who are helping police look for Levi.

“The person was very cagey and revealed very little details other than to say that ‘persons in the UK are involved in Levi’s disappearance’ and that it stems from a falling out he apparently had with a gang in London when he played rugby there.

“I do know of some difficulties he had with some people who showed up to his flat in Ealing but don’t know what the disagreement was about or how serious it was.

“But this is a very important piece of information to come to light and the police in Barcelona are aware.

“We need that anonymous tipster – and any others who may know something – to get in touch and tell us more because this could now become a suspected abduction and may explain why my son has seemingly disappeared without a trace.”

Officers from Barcelona’s Mossos d’Esquadra force investigating the case found Levi’s passport in the port area of the Catalan capital in November – but no other clue had been uncovered since then. 

The Davis family is offering €11,500 to anyone who could find Levi.

Police said their investigation was still ‘open and ongoing’. 


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