THE VERY public spat between former celebrity couple Shakira and Gerard Pique shows no sign of dying down, after the Colombian singing superstar released a new song last week in which she launched a scathing attack against her ex and his new girlfriend.

In the track, released along with Argentine producer Bizarrap, Shakira made a series of clear references to the former FC Barcelona player and their former life together, while taking a series of digs against his new girlfriend, 23-year-old Clara Chia. 

Two lines in particular caught the attention of stunned listeners all over the world, inspiring thousands of memes and jokes online: ‘You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo, You swapped a Rolex for a Casio.’

But it would appear that Pique has taken the ‘diss song’ against him in good humour. On Friday night, during a live stream from his seven-a-side King’s League, he announced that Casio now had a deal with the football league, insisting that the agreement was for real and handing out watches to his co-presenters.

And then on Sunday, the King’s League account on Twitter shared a video of Pique arriving at the headquarters in a white Twingo.

In an even more bizarre twist to the story, a journalist in Barcelona revealed that a life-sized witch doll had been placed on one of the balconies of Shakira’s residence in the Catalan province – facing the house of her mother-in-law.

In a short video shared on social media, her song about Pique can be heard being played inside the house, with the witch on full view.

The lyrics do make mention of how Pique, in Shakira’s words, ‘left me with my mother-in-law’, but according to press reports the pair used to get on well. 

But according to press reports, Pique’s parents are alleged to have known about Pique’s infidelity with Clara Chia while he and Shakira were still together.

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