The first ultra speedy 25G PON technology has successfully been trialled in Spain on Telefonica’s existing fibre network, Nokia announced.

The trial demonstrated nose-bleed-inducing speeds of 20 gigabits per second – around 60 times faster than current high-speed internet – without the need for costly and lengthy infrastructure upgrades.

Such speeds are considered necessary for some cutting edge cloud computing technology, as well as future applications such as Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual reality Metaverse, which cost Facebook around $10 billion in losses in 2022 alone.

Unfortunately, 25G is not a five order jump in technology from 5G networks; they two are separate technologies – 25G refers to home broadband.

Telefonica España bosses hailed the new development in ‘gigabit connectivity in Spain.’

“Consumer bandwidth demands never halts and exciting applications, like VR gaming, will always be evolved to make the most of available bandwidth,” said Goncalo Garzon, Head of Fixed Access.


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