GIBRALTAR’S police and fire service will move their headquarters to a new development at the old Rooke site which will include residential buildings and parks.

Developer Carlton Properties will build the new government project at the vacant plot of the former military headquarters on Queensway.

Three residential towers will overshadow a green area open for public use.

The project will also include a new police and fire station, built by Carlton Properties as part of the government deal with the developer.

It will mean the two essential services will move from their decaying buildings in the south of the city to the town centre at the new site.

The GSLP/Liberals in parliament revealed the plans in a recent session of Parliament.

The new development will also include expanded shopping areas, with the possibility of a new supermarket within easy reach of the town centre.

Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia said it will provide added parking for any lost along Europort Road.

It will take in the whole area behind the current parcel post office and be 80% covered by green areas.

Works on the new site could take 12-18 months after the government gets building permission.

The project will further increase the value of the Rock’s property bubble to the glee of investors.


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