World-renowned British architect Norman Foster has designed the poster to announce the new bullfighting season in Sevilla.

He was commissioned by the Real Maestranza to promote the controversial sporting events to be held at the Royal Bullring. 

They have been holding the annual cultural promotion to gather the best collection of contemporary bullfighting posters since 1994.

Foster based his design on the striking red and yellow of the festival itself and on the minimalist architecture of the Plaza de la Maestranza.

It depicts a bull’s head sat above the symbolic hide of a wild bull with the contours of the arena framing the imagery.

Foster said that he took inspiration from ‘the symbolic features of the Plaza de la Maestranza’.

Norman Foster

These included the bullfighter’s cape, the colours of the festival and even the head of the bull found on the door of the Baratillo. 

Santiago de Léon, deputy to the ‘Big Brother’ of the Real Maestranza, hailed Foster as ‘the most prestigious architect in the world’.

The architect has form for Spanish culture, being married to a Spanish woman, Elena Ochoa, for 27 years.

The bullfighting season in the Royal Bullring of the Maestranza traditionally begins on Easter Sunday after the morning reading of the Pregón Taurino and continues with the April Fair, with between 18 to 28 performances. 

Additional bullfights are held on agreed dates such as Corpus Christi, the Feast of the Virgen de los Reyes, the Day of the Virgen del Pilar, who is the patron saint of the City (August 15), the last week-end of September, the Fair of de San Miguel.

The official season ends on October 12, with prizes awarded for the best performances in the sponsored novilladas and bullfights without picador.


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