ARCHAEOLOGISTS carrying out restoration work at Peñiscola castle in Castellon province made a surprising find of a live cannonball dating back to the Napoleonic era.

Guardia Civil bomb squad officers were called in to remove the weapon- weighing in at 76 kilos.

Loaded with explosive black powder, the relic was taken to a secure area where controlled detonations were carried out to nullify any danger.

The remains have been handed over to the archaeologists for further study and documentation.

The Guardia Civil warns that explosive devices- mainly dating back to the Civil War of the late 1930’s- are usually found in isolated places, farming areas or foundation areas of old houses.

They’ve reminded people that any object that looks like an explosive device should be considered as dangerous and not be touched.

Instead, people are asked to call emergency services so that specialist officers can carry out a check to minimise any risks to people and property.

While waiting for officers to arrive, a distance of at least 300 metres should be maintained from any suspicious object.


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