TWO men in their mid-20s have been arrested in Javea after a spree of violent robberies on people using bars, clubs, and restaurants at night.

The Guardia Civil said investigations started last July after several incidents were reported in leisure areas around the city involving the same perpetrators.

The men struck in the evening by picking out a victim- often female- who was out having a good time and then followed them to a more remote area.

One of the duo- both Moroccan nationals- would distract their ‘mark’ by offering some drugs or asking for a cigarette.

His colleague then approached the victim from behind and assaulted them so that any valuables could be snatched.

In one instance, a victim was left unconscious on the ground.

The Guardia identified the culprits who had police records for property offences and drug trafficking.

The problem was that they had no fixed address and could not be located until they made a big mistake a few weeks ago.

On March 1, they got involved in a street brawl with another man over drug sales with a hammer and machete used in the fight.

Fight Weapons

All three needed medical assistance for minor injuries but were then taken to the Guardia to be charged with affray.

At that point, it was realised that the search for the wanted duo was over.

They were hit with ten additional charges including violent robbery, theft, and using a stolen bank card.

The two men have been jailed after a Denia court appearance.

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