A FRENCH woman escaped from a dilapidated shed where she was imprisoned for weeks after moving to Spain with her new boyfriend.

The victim ran across fields in the La Ribera Alta region of Valencia province before coming to a road where she waved down a car and was given a lift to the Policia Nacional station in Alzira.

Three Spaniards, aged between 22 and 50, have been arrested in an undisclosed town and charged with illegal detention.

Her boyfriend has also been hit with a mistreatment charge for slapping and assaulting her in addition to sexual assault and pulling her hair.

All of the men had police records and her boyfriend was remanded into custody.

The bizarre set of circumstances began in January after the woman- age not reported- met her partner in France a few months earlier and they decided to move to his home area of Valencia.

Their residence was a rural shack with no electricity or water which they shared with two other members of the man’s family.

The woman was shocked with the accommodation and when she expressed disapproval about the living conditions, her boyfriend and his two relatives stopped her from leaving.

She was locked inside every time she was left on her own, but on March 18, she escaped as the only man remaining in the shack had yet to bolt the door.

Shortly before her exit, she managed to access her mobile phone and contacted her friends back in France who reported her situation to a local police station, who in turn contacted the Policia Nacional.

By the time they got the message, the victim had already arrived at the Alzira police station.


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