THE Valencian government has launched a €90 bonus card to help low-income households with food shopping bills.

Familes with incomes of less than €21,000 per year will qualify to get a pre-paid card to spend in any supermarket or grocery store in the Valencian Community.

The offer however does not apply to pensioners.

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, said: “This cannot be a universal action but is aimed at tackling problems faced by families with low incomes.”

Food inflation in Spain in February was over 16% and is forecast to remain in double digits for the rest of the year.

Requests for the bonus card can be made via a website between April 18 to July 15, and from the date of issue, the card can be used for up to four months to get food products.

It can be used for small purchases or spent all in one go.

The special website, has already been activated but will not take applications until April 18.

Users will fill out details which will be verified by the Valencian Tax Agency.

Details of where successful applicants can pick up a card have yet to be announced.

Around half-a-million people in the region will benefit from the bonus, which has a budget of €48.4 million with virtually all of the money coming out of regional government coffers, as it gets ready for late May’s elections.

Supermarkets and stores however that are affiliated to the regional CEV supermarket employers association will donate an additional €1 million of vouchers to distribute to charities that can increase help to vulnerable families.

CEV president, Salvador Navarro, said: “Companies want to promote social cohesion despite the fact their ability to help is limited because they face significant cost rises and profit margins are shrinking.”


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