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The Easter Processions in Sevilla in pictures

Las Distintas Hermandades Participan En Las Procesiones De Semana Santa Del Martes En Sevilla
Las distintas hermandades participan en las procesiones de Semana Santa del martes en Sevilla. Martes 04 de Abril de 2023. Ramon Espejo / Cordon Press

THE streets of Sevilla are once again thronged with people for Easter.

Clear skies and warm weather added to the holiday atmosphere as tourists joined Sevillanos to mark Palm Sunday or Domingo de Ramos as it is known in Spain, which heralded the start of a week-long Easter celebrations.

Tourists from across Spain and abroad flocked to the Andalucian capital to mix with locals watching from balconies in a spectacle that brings in millions of euros to the local economy.

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Church-goers picking palm branchs. Image from The Olive Press

After a sleepy Sunday morning in the city in which the faithful attended mass, the streets became crowded as the first processions got underway.

Fervor Y Emocion En Las Procesiones De "la Borriquita'' Y "la Virgen De La Paz" Por Las Calles De Sevilla
Brotherhood called ”La Borriquita” begins its procession on Palm Sunday. Photo: Cordon Press

Associations known as Hermandades (brotherhoods) spend weeks practicing for the parades which involve members slowly shuffling through the streets beneath heavy floats carrying statues of the Saints, Virgin Mary or Christ.

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People visiting Jesus Christ in Sevilla Cathedral. Image from The Olive Press.

Each procession can stretch for hours with progress painstakingly slow as the penitents move forward step by step before pausing and lowering the float for a few minutes while they regain their strength and then continue.

Holy Week 2022 In Seville
Palm Sunday in Sevilla. Photo: Cordon Press

These solemn but colourful processions include brass bands, drums, penintents wearing hoods with cut out for the eyes, all travelling slowly through the crowded streets amid wafts of incense.    

Holy Week 2022 In Seville
Procession of Domingo de Ramos in Sevilla. Image from Cordon Press

More than 50 brotherhoods take part in Holy Week processions over the eight days culminating on Easter Sunday. 

Saetas are the songs played during the procession and this year some had lyrics referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Thumbnail Img 4842
Virgin Mary in Sevilla’s cathedral. Image from The Olive Press.


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