THE spring temperatures are set to soar from today (Monday, April 10) to as high as 30 degrees as the terral wind arrives.

Director of Malaga’s Meteorological Centre Jesus Riesco has forecast that it will be a much warmer week than normal, both inland and on the coast, and with no rainfall.

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He added that ‘it is quite likely that there will be a terral’, and the maximum temperatures will reach 30 degrees in Malaga city as well as in other parts of the province such as Antequera; while the minimum will be between 13 and 16 degrees.

“On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it is also quite likely that there will be a terral with maximum temperatures also quite high,” he continued.

In Malaga, the terral is a night time north wind that blows across Spain bringing warmer temperatures to the coast.

When it reaches the Malaga mountains, the ‘Foehn effect’ begins, where air is warmed when descending the slopes of the mountains. The temperature can be increased by up to 10 degrees Celsius. (Read here for a full explanation)


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